How to Monitor a Business

Do You Monitor Your Business?

Monitoring a business is something that too many (esp. small) business owners forget about. They rely on annual accounting reports to see how the business performed and what the end result is. And this is generally done once a year when it's time to do the numbers for the annual tax return. In the meantime funds are withdrawn all the time for private usage without properly calculating what is really possible. After a while, a serious cashflow shortage occurs. And then, it's often too late.

And what is really strange, is that when it comes to their Web site, they are overly concerned about their Web site analytics. They want to see what is happening all the time, but they should really be more concerned about their business results and monitor those as zealously as their Web site statistics.

The annual report

So finally there is a report on your desk with all the numbers and at the bottom it shows a profit if you're lucky, and if you're not, a loss. And then several things happen depending on what the results were.

Scenario 1

The results are better than what you expected

Mistake #1: So you're doing OK and you don't have to change anything.

Mistake #2: You give yourself a nice bonus.

Mistake #3: You start the new year having analyzed actually nothing and planning nothing.

Scenario 2

The results are not as good as you expected

Mistake #1: So you're not doing OK but you are sure the market will be better this year.

Mistake #2: You give yourself a nice bonus.

Mistake #3: You start the new year having analyzed actually nothing and planning nothing.

Scenario 3

The results are worse than you expected

Mistake #1: So you're in trouble but there's not much you can do and you are sure it will improve this year.

Mistake #2: You can't give yourself a nice bonus. That's a bummer. But maybe you can lend something somewhere so you can get through the coming year.

Mistake #3: You start the new year having analyzed actually nothing and you're still not planning to take action because you don't have a clue what to do about it anyway.

Plan close to reality, assess feasibility, enjoy easy editing, smart data entry, and state-of-the-art business reporting capabilities at a fair price.

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Monitoring your business !

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We have made all our business financial planners to be able to monitor your business. You can use any of our planners for financial projections but, and here is the difference between our financial planners and all competitive products, the financial engine was created with ongoing monitoring in mind, right from the start. You can disinvest anytime, pay off loans, sell fixed assets, and so forth!


Change your estimates as time passes and see your projections become more and more realistic. Look at the numbers each month and try to influence the future by changing any of the factors that influence the outcome.

By analyzing the numbers and playing with the many analysis tools such as the Sensitivity Analysis or the What-If Analysis you can actually take action before it's too late. You can try different scenarios and see what your changes would do to your results.


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