Non Profit Financial Model


Non Profit Organization Development Plan

New fixed assets (Investment Budget)

Non Profit Fixed assets


Non Profit Personnel Plan

Grant & Pledges (Exempt revenue)


Fundraising & events


Product details

Unrelated Product details

Revenue summary

Non Profit Revenue summary


Non Profit Programs

Statement of activities

Statement of activities

Cash flow monthly (Cash Flow Forecast)

Non Profit Cash Flow Forecast

Statement of financial position

Statement of financial position

Line of Credit (Overdraft) scenario


Annual summary

Non Profit Annual summary

ROA/ROE/SGR Analysis

ROA/ROE/SGR Analysis

EVA Analysis

What-If Analysis

Non Profit What-If Analysis

Financial Summary

Non Profit Financial Summary

Revenue Analysis

Non Profit Revenue Analysis

We trust this helped to give you a good picture of the overall depth provided in our non profit business plan service.