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The Investor Pitch Deck London ON

A well-designed and compelling startup pitch deck can significantly increase the probability of securing a meeting with potential investors. While it may not guarantee financing on its own, a pitch deck serves as a powerful tool to ignite interest in your idea, effectively convey your story, and address the key aspects that investors look for before committing their funds. A carefully crafted pitch deck can be instrumental in opening doors and paving the way for further discussions and opportunities to present your concept.

Professional investor pitches London ON in MS PowerPoint PPT(X) format with 25+ great looking slides. Getting an investor's attention in a 10 minute time span is crucial if you are looking to succeed with funding your idea. Everything you must include in the investor pitch for your business startup or expansion in London will be expertly prepared. If you have MS Office with Excel (or similar) you can easily edit anything as you wish and you can also edit the required numbers for the charts by clicking on it.

  • You can of course change theme from those readily built-in
  • You can change every aspect such as headers, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Double click on a chart to quickly enter the correct numbers, or add your own chart in seconds
  • Insert icons, comments, notes, and more
  • Import any image or object and paste text from the clipboard
  • Import video and import or even record audio
  • Piano Etude music track - License for one pitch included
  • Create a slideshow for your presentation
  • Export as PDF, Windows Media Video, MP4 and more.
* All PlanMagic Business Plan programs include one or more investor pitch deck(s).

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Investor Pitch

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MS Powerpoint or compatible

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  • PowerPoint investor pitch
  • ± 25~30 slides
  • Can include images of your choice or selected royalty free images
  • Can include royalty free background video clips
  • You will get a PowerPoint file and a MP4 video
  • All that is needed to make that first impression count